Sunday, October 21, 2012

#30-Learning how to Golf...

I feel bad neglecting this blog just only a few weeks after it was created. Life was crazy the last 2 weeks, I knew it would be, and now I'm back to this in full force.

So number 30 on my list was learning how to golf. My dad and my husband are pretty avid golfers. My dad goes once a week and my husband would love to go once a week if law school and his internship with the public defenders office would allow it. Last week we spent 4 days in Myrtle Beach with my parents and I really wished I could have gone golfing with my dad to spend some time with him. I tend to go in and out of things I want to do/learn/make/see but golf has been one I've thought of for a while. Yesterday, Devon and I were sitting at home enjoying a lazy vacation day when he asked if I'd like to go find a set of clubs for cheap to learn on. This sounds fairly easy but there are a few things in life that I do left handed, and golf is one of them. So to find a set of cheap, left-handed, women's clubs in golf's off-season was going to be pretty difficult. Luckily, Golf Galaxy in Charlotte had one such set on clearance and it became mine. Behold, my new set of clubs:

Cute right? I like the touch of pink but I wish it didn't have the breast cancer awareness ribbon all over them. Not that I don't support breast cancer awareness, I just didn't necessarily want them all over my golf stuff but when you can get a $500 set of pretty decent clubs for $150 you go for it. It's much better than getting a cheap Wilson set that usually retails around $170. I also got pink golf balls not because I wanted pink but because they too were an amazing price. I'm all set, I just need a visor and some cute golf clothes (priorities!).

We then went to one of Devon's favorite driving ranges to try and hit some balls. Not going to lie, it was a LOT harder than I thought and I missed the ball a few times. I did however hit some just like a pro (ok so it went almost 200 yards but still). It was so fun though and I can't wait to go back to golf some more! Devon said I'll be ready for an actual course before I know it.

I'm not considering this done off of my list quite yet. Maybe once I play a decent 9 or 18 holes of real golf I'll completely mark it off. for now it will just be a work in progress.

Oh and here are some fun pictures from our trip to Myrtle Beach. The first is the view from the balcony of our hotel room. I got up early one day to watch the sunrise and it was an amazing site. The second is of our feet and I did the whole cheesy write in the sand thing. The last is of us at the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. Apparently whenever I wear my yellow plaid shirt Devon wears his blue plaid shirt. We both wore the exact same thing for our anniversary back in August!


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