Thursday, October 25, 2012

Combo pic and thought :)

I'm kind of obsessed with dark chocolate, sea salt, and caramel all together. I was at Target a few weeks ago and found a bag of chocolate with the three ingredients above and just had to buy it. I forgot about them until the other day and now I can't stop eating them. This was my favorite Dove wrapper advice I've ever gotten so it becomes my pic of the day and my wisdom for the day.

I'm basically just a giant little kid. So is Devon. I think it makes life so much better though because we indulge in the childhood joys around us and we don't take life super seriously (minus the things that you have to take seriously, like budgets and bill paying). For example, we have like 50 lego people on top of our stove (that should so be my pic of the day one of these days) and I think it's pretty awesome. Sometimes I wonder how anyone let us get married but we blame Kershaw Co. in South Carolina for that.

And in case you haven't heard that story well Devon didn't know where his social security card was before our wedding and didn't tell me that. He also didn't think you'd need one to get a marriage license. So he did some research and found out that in certain counties of SC you actually didn't need to show one to get a marriage license, you just needed an ID. Right, the closest one was about 2 hours away and was the podunkiest town ever. No joke, right next to the county courthouse was a hot pink and black trailer store called "Kuntry Korners Trailer Home Supplies". It was pretty awesome. Oh and the greek restaurant sold the state's best italian pizza. Right, cause the greeks are so well known for their italian pizza. Anyway, so we go to get our license and they didn't even ask for IDs. We could have been underage or cousins and no one would have cared. It made my understanding for SC so much more clear.


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