Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You've been booed

My picture for today is of the yummy treats I made tonight for young womens. The bags are full of muddy buddies and because I didn't make enough (someone stole some of my chocolate chips...hmm...) I tied suckers to the outside. I know my pictures aren't great and artsy and fancy but the whole point is I want to remember some of the little things in life. Tonight for YW we made ghost suckers on strings and took them to the homes of some of the inactive or sick YW and to a new family in our ward's houses, tied them in their trees, and also made a poster we left on their front door saying that we missed them and they'd been booed. The girl's then rang the doorbell and ran away like crazy. The group I was with had a lot of fun and no one got injured which is a plus. I'm seriously so grateful for my calling. I have learned SO much from all the girls and we have an awesome group. I've also made some great friends from the other leaders and they have been so nice about welcoming me in as an outsider. Anyway, so here is a picture of my yummy treats:

For my inspiring quote I'm going to just post a pic I found online of a quote. I was having a kind of a downer day and this cheered me up :) I found the picture here.


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