Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why I get super stressed every 4-6 weeks.

Part of my job is being the Brand Manager. That means in addition to running the sale floor and making money I am in charge of running all the floor set changes. It's super stressful but I love it. I love visual standards and making sure everything is perfect. Unless it involves bows, anything involving a bow drives me nuts because a.) no one can tie bows pretty at my store and b.) I end up tying all the bows and it takes me forever trying to make them perfect. Anyway, todays picture is of my planning. We have to change the walls on Saturday morning at 6 AM and I'm stressed about it. Each of those boxes is a cabinet in the store (we have 47) and all the ones with the red dots have to change. Plus the laundry list of marketing changes for all 47 cabinets. Yuck.

My inspiring quote for today is from an Ensign article from Thomas S. Monson. It says:

 "If you want to give a light to others, you have to glow yourself." 

 I love this because it just encourages me to remember I need to work on me first before I can pass what I know and love onto others. I often times put myself last but that can be detrimental if I'm sacrificing some of the stuff I need to do in order to do things for others.


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